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Discover how to market your business yourself!

Attention small business owners

I bet you are like Tom, a small business owner, who was wondering how to get more leads and customers without wasting all his hard earned money on advertising that didn’t work. I bet you also would prefer not to suffer ‘cold call’ rejection.

Maybe you rely on word of mouth, networking, and referrals for most of your business. That’s great, but it’s hard work. You probably don’t always feel comfortable asking for business either do you? Tom didn’t and figured learning how to do his own marketing would be a great start.

Tom found an easier way. He learned how to generate new leads and improve his marketing.

Want to learn how to market your business yourself. Then keep reading.

Everything you need to know to get started learning how to market your business is in our new Marketing Secrets System. If you haven’t already, watch the intro video below and see for yourself how you can use Facebook and other tools to learn how to market your business yourself.

The program includes action steps and strategies to help you get clear on your target customer, your marketing message, your products, and your operations. It’s made up of 5 easy to follow modules that include step-by-step video guidance and instruction, notes, and ready made templates that you can use immediately.

Here’s what is included:


Determine where you are now with your business and where you would like to be in 12 months
Discover how the lead generation process works
Learn how to get potential customers to put their hands up to ask you for help
Discover why most websites don’t generate leads and how to create a lead generation website
Find out how to keep in touch with your potential customers on autopilot


Learn from the biggest mistakes most home-based business owners make that stops their marketing from working
Unearth the 7 Ps of marketing… and how to use them to your benefit
Learn how to use a SWOT analysis to find the holes in your business
Discover how to get your competitors to hand over business without them even realising it
Explore what you need to do to get customers to willingly choose your business over a competitor
Discover how to construct a powerful USP and why this is critical for getting new business


Learn where to find copyright free high quality images for little or no cost
Discover the 4 Ts strategy works
Determine the requires for building a relationship with a potential customer before you sell anything
Recognise the easy way to educate a potential customer that will help them choose you
Learn how to use a clever video technique called ‘whiteboard animation’ without you needing to be able to draw
Discover how to get high quality graphics produced for your website for less than $15 (the product graphic at the top of this page cost only $10 to have designed!)


Explore a great way to source people in countries such as the Philippines that will create a lead generation website for you from as little as $60
Learn where to find the right people and exactly what instructions to give them
Discover how to bring everything together to create your lead generation process
Learn how the autopilot system works
Explore how to set up an automated set of emails that keep in touch with your customers and potential customers – even if you are on holiday!


Discover a step-by-step process for using social media to attract new customers
Learn how to pinpoint exactly who you want as a customer – from a global database of over 1 Billion people
Find out how to advertise with a tiny budget and only pay on results
Discover how to track your marketing, so you know exactly what is working and what’s not
Learn how to work out what it costs you to buy a new customer
Explore how to buy as many new customers as you want
Recognise what you need to do to keep track of all the numbers in your business so that you can design the future you want.

After you have completed this marketing system… you will know exactly how to market your business yourself, how to attract new leads into a marketing funnel, where to find potential customers and have them come to you, and how to get customers asking you for help. No more knocking on doors or cold calling, no more wasted money on expensive magazine, radio or newspaper adverts, and most importantly no more rejection.

If you want an easy to follow system to generate leads, track the cost of each lead, and find out how much it costs to buy a new customer… then this program is for you.

To get instant access and the two bonuses, click the secure ‘Buy Now’ button below and make payment by credit card or PayPal.


PS. Not ready to buy yet. Click here to download your free report – 9 Costly Marketing Mistakes That Business Owners Make! Discover how to make better business decisions about your operations and your marketing!

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