Why doesn’t every home business use this system?
Virtually all top marketers do and others would if they knew about it – The truth is that many home business owners have never been shown a reliable way to get leads.

Why is the cost so low?
When we did our market research, we spoke to 100 home business owners and not only looked at their challenges but what amount they could comfortably afford for a solution. We wanted to make it available to every home based business and that is why the price is so low.

Why don’t you just sell to your web visitor straight away instead of giving something free first?
Think of it like going on a date. You meet an attractive partner that you would like to maybe marry one day. If on the first meeting you asked them to marry you, your chances of getting a YES are likely to be very poor. If on the other hand you build a relationship first, start with a coffee and build up that rapport, eventually the marriage outcome is much more likely.

This system, starts by building a relationship first, so that you can enjoy a higher conversion rate.

Why do you use social media?
1. It allows you to target exactly who you want as a customer
2. It is very cost effective
3. You only pay on results – i.e. if someone clicks on your advert and goes to your website.
4. It allows you to quickly test different adverts and compare which one gives you the best conversion

How is this better than traditional advertising in newspapers or magazines?

1. You pay on results
2. You can test and measure much more easily
3. You can track responses
4. You can change non performing adverts immediately
5. You can spend a tiny amount of money until you start seeing results
6. There is an enormous database to advertise to. For example, Facebook is over 1.1 Billion people world wide.
7. You are giving not selling which increases response
8. Everything can run on autopilot
9. You can easily see how much a lead costs and a customer
10. Your customers use social media frequently
11. The advert runs when you want it to, not a publisher of a paper
12. That’s just for starters…

How long will it take to set everything up when I have been through the system?
You could have everything set up in about 2 weeks and ready to go.

What exactly do I get if I purchase the Marketing Secrets system?
You get step by step video tutorials that show you not only what you need to do to create your own marketing funnel system but exactly how to do it. The program has been designed for people with no prior knowledge.

You also get ready made templates and notes to help you get what you want in the shortest time. The value of this is many times what we are asking for it.

What if I buy it and I don’t like it?
The system has been so popular that we had customers wanting to buy it before it was launched. However, we want you to be totally satisfied too, so we will take all the risk. In the unlikely event that you don’t think it is an excellent, business-changing program, simply send us an e-mail within 30 days with all your details on and we will give you a full refund.

I’m already using the system and getting great results – would you like to know what they are?
Yes please! We would be delighted if you share with us your success stories. Our e-mail is results@marketingsecrets.com.au

OK – I’m convinced that it could help me get a lot more leads, what do I have to do to get started?
Simply click the Buy Now button below and you will be taken through to our secure payment page where you can pay by PayPal or credit card.


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