That’s right, you see we don’t have the same contacts as you and so we have found a way to create a massive win-win for everyone.

You promote this site to your contacts and simply add the hyperlink we send you to your website. When a visitor that has come from your link buys the Marketing Secrets System, you will automatically be paid a massive 50% of the sale price into your PayPal account. What could be easier? We have done all the hard work and you can pick up an additional monthly income.

So How Much Money Could You Make? *

If one of your customers spends $497 for example, you receive $248.50.

You can do the numbers yourself, but this means that if you refer 5 people per day who purchase the program for say 25 days a month and you do that for 10 months of the year, you would make an incredible $31,062 per month or  $310,625 per year!  Whilst these figures are for illustrative purposes only, I am sure you can see the potential!

The good part about it is that once you have become an affiliate, you can login with your username and password at anytime to see how many sales have been made.

4 Simple steps to  become an affiliate

1. If you haven’t already, sign up to PayPal and get a PayPal account. This is where we will pay your money from sales made in to. (takes about 3 minutes to set up)
2. Sign up to become an affiliate in the 2 boxes below, using the same email you used to sign up to PayPal. (Takes about 30 seconds)
3. You will then receive an email from us with your login details and your affiliate link.
4. Simply use that link on your website or in your emails or marketing to refer customers.
Note: Any paid advertising you do must not compete with the paid advertising we are doing and is at your own expense.

So how could you promote the site?

There are many ways to promote the site (your affiliate link is what you are promoting), most are either free of charge or a low cost. These include:
o Email your own opt in list
o Tell people about Marketing Secrets on Facebook, Twitter or other social media
o Join groups on Linked In and contribute to discussions
o Use Facebook pay per click to drive traffic to the site
o Use Linked in pay per click to drive traffic to the site
o Use Google pay per click to drive traffic to the site
o Write articles with your affiliate link in them,
o Use your blog
o If you know any business owners, spread the word and tell them about it
o You could use a call centre to make calls for you and sign people up.
o Add a signature file to your outgoing emails.


The amount of money that you could make will vary. You must use your individual affiliate link to refer sales otherwise the system will not know you have referred the customer and therefore will not process your share of the sale.

The figures used on this page are for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect any earnings that you will or will not make as an affiliate. There are many factors that can affect the amount of money you can make including but not limited to:

o The amount of customers that buy via your affiliate code
o The package that they purchase
o Whether or not they claim their money back within the first 30 days.

This information does not constitute legal or financial advice. You should seek advice from a qualified professional if you are in any doubt as to whether becoming an affiliate is right for you or not.